The ending: Dreams that aren’t poked fun at aren’t worth being made a reality

Write time:2018-02-26

Make money depend on the trend, so today we are going to see shenzhen gubang technology co. LTD.

Gubang technology has been started up business for 8 years,  "narrow escape" 2 times!


For GUBANG technology, growth is shredding, extreme, and evolutionary.

Facing the unordered competition in the domestic market, compete with the domestic leader brand in the overseas market .In particular at the south Asian market, we have surpassed the most powerful competitors, Jasic and riland, finally, became the first Chinese export enterprise in the south Asian market in 2016. At that time, many colleagues rushed to the south Asian market to participate in the battle.With a lot of hard fighting and Gubang starting to change, people really believe in dreams.

Many people may never have thought that we can challenge success from a follower in just four years in South Asia and southeast Asia.That's why we have the foundation of today's global business.


    I still remember, three years ago, a staff of Foreign Trade department run to ask me that why dont we start a full-scale domestic business? I gave him an answer at that time, strategy should match with Amount. At that time, we were only able to do one thing well, if we disperse our energies, we could lose great opportunities.

    However, today's GUBANG is different. We are not a small company in terms of size, research and development ability, and even revenue. We are already a company with more than 8 years of innovative technology and product accumulation. Through rapid business reformation and technological innovation, we obtained total eight patents and software copyrights on the products and were jointly identified as the state-level high-tech enterprises by the four committees such as Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee. At the same time we have obtained the EU CE certification of all 4 series products and ROSE certification of North America. We Developed products suitable for the needs of European and American customers, With this products we easily entered the European and American markets, and at the same time we achieve continuously business in markets such as South America, Eastern Europe and Africa, we achieved new breakthroughs and growth points as well in Southeast Asia and South Asia markets . Business in 2017 increased by more than 30% over the same period of last year, we accomplished over 100 million sales revenue. We have the ability to empower our business based on a new marketing model--partner programs , we will seize the opportunity that belongs to us in this era. 


     I went to France in November 2017 and on my business trip I read a lot of books. There are stories about Apple and Jobs, and I rethink many questions. I was thinking --- what is the essence of the company?

      In fact, the first thoughts is income, but we also found that some companies have done a great job in revenue but eventually collapsed. Then think another, if the income is not essential, it should be product, but is good product means everything? Over the past few years, we are constantly developing new products, but unfortunately the product has its life cycle, no product is enduring. So is the team? I thought for a moment, this is a false proposition. Because, maybe one day, I will not be in GUBANG , or that we are gone. The company has arranged for a younger group of people, maybe GUBANG will become more powerful.

      Steve Jobs left Apple for 10 years, despite a great sorts of comments, but Apple's revenue is much bigger than that time ; Disney has died for decades, the management group of Disney are changing, but the dreams of bringing joy to people have never changed and are getting stronger.

       Finally, I think of genes, or culture, which is called the spirit or called the mission. When a group of people work together to accomplish one thing, this will generate a common beliefs, cognition and trust , it begins to become the company's genes. No matter what changes in the middle, as long as these genes exist, it is possible to reconstruct this enterprise. The company is also an independent living body, which grows and evolves itself. We are just a generation of feeder in the middle of it. Like a child, you gave birth to him, and every single one of his cells was divided by you, but one day he would be different from you and he would have his own uniqueness.

      Too many people do not think deeply about these issues, often making the outermost factor --- income as the essence of the company; or making the second factor-- business as the essence of the company; and when they encounter difficulties, they become overwhelmed . As long as we realize that we have the opportunity to build a company that is completely different from the others and inject it into the genes, we will not be confused and we will be able to overcome all kinds of difficulties.

      Let us share the following three different dimensions of people:

1, like to say "NO". no mater what other people say, he said NO, a person who refuses to receive information, he can find a variety of reasons to say NO, this is one of the most closed people.

2, like to say "YES, BUT". This is a good thing, but ... For example, a staff told General Zhu , you said quite right direction, we are still very difficult to do, this people find numerous but,this in fact, they are find countless excuses.

3, like to say "YES, AND". This is the best kind of state. Can we be able to continue to say, yes, not only that, I still want what, or how I can.

      Along this line of thinking, I was thinking, why I can stand here, a big reason is that I will say "YES, AND". If I communicate with one person and he says "YES, AND", there is a chance that this person will have a chance to break through. If one person keeps saying "YES, BUT," I will find that no matter how much he accumulates in the past, he will encounter life Bottleneck

      The singer Mr.DaZhuang has a song "we are not the same", this song can express my mood of 2018, GUBANG will fully launched the "New GUBANG " brand globalization strategy in 2018, the "New GUBANG " experience store and the image shop Will be fully output. At the same time start deep cooperation strategic with dealers, start a comprehensive business partners plan, so that dealers do their own masters.

      We will stick to the brand concept of "China Good Welder", create a brand core value of "Concentration, Professionalism and Expertise", and carry forward the corporate mission of "Innovation and Technology ". Through continuous technological innovation, management innovation, pattern innovation and total quality management, we are trying our best to create a good image of China made in the world. We stick to the business, research and development as the center, customer service as the core, rapid response to customer needs, continuing to create long-term value for customers, and thus help customers success.

     We hope that in this era of innovation,Distributors who are holding dreams can work with us to say "YES, AND" and seize such an opportunity. Do not win all the competitors, but lost to this era.

     Finally, I want to say: Dreams are not ridiculed, not worth our struggle! To this end, I special to share a GUBANG video to everyone.



                                         Author: Mr.Peter Zhu, President / CEO


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