20 years of welding industry personal opinion

Write time:2018-02-27

In the summer of 1999, I entered the welding industry engaged in sales work, after sales vice president, brand dealer agent (domestic and international brands and automation equipment and laser equipment) to own founded Shenzhen manufacturing company, I had witnessed the history of the development of China inverter welding machine.Instantly, I would like to use such long holiday to share some of my personal understanding of this field.The welding industry is a very respected industry. Shenzhen city has a regional sign for the inverter welding machine manufactory, it has its own original technology, lean manufacturing and so on.

Around 2000, China do not have so many inverter welding mahcine factory at that time.the factory mainly located at Shanghai , Shandong and Shenzhen , each enterprise has its own unique technology system, enterprises in Shanghai and Shandong welding based on IGBT module as the core device, and Shenzhen enterprises with MOSFET as the core device, At that time single tube technology had not been widely used by enterprises. Because the technology system is completely different, enterprises have different technical advantages in the industry launched a benign and civilized nature competition, the profit rate is very high, companies are showing a healthy development trend, the industry is thriving.

Many of the traditional welding machine manufacturer start to realize the high profit of inverter welding machine.From the beginning of 2003, more and more traditonal welding machine companies involved in inverter welding machine field. Especially Taizhou welding companies start copying Shenzhen MOSFET inverter technology, because MOSFET has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, and thus have a price advantage export.

The first impact in inverter machine machine dearer is from Taizhou product. As a dearer, i have deep feeling for that. Taizhou machines have the same appearance, similar structure, while the price is much lower. But the quality was completely different.In fact, for the dealer, purchase price is low but the sales price also is low, not because of the low purchase price go with high profits, due to the quality problems and lost some good customers as a result.

Although the first impact of fast replication, the price is very low, but after all, because the quality problems did not have any impact for the companies who have original technology, master core technology and lean manufacturing enterprises , all the welding companies are building their own Channels and product brands, competition has not been fully developed, the economic efficiency of the industry has also maintained a good state, everyone in the fast lane of development.

  At Sanya in 2006, I had a new understanding of the welding machine industry; it is a winter, as a dealer by the enterprise to attend the core dealer meeting, but the weather in Sanya was hot, my heart was like the weather, It is because I follow a welding company in Shenzhen to put forward more ambitious goals and planning.

Although I am very respectful business in the future we are in Sanya mentioned on our distributor more far-reaching interests bundled eventually failed to do so, Although the more far-reaching interests bundled on our distributors in future which mentioned by my respectful company had failed, but I still got the great gains. I really appreciated the guidance and suggestion from this leading enterprise as their dealer.


The beginning of 2006 is undoubtedly the most rapid development period of Chinese inverter welding machine, which stems from the further development of inverter welding machine technology, due to low power consumption, low cost, great performance and replace the traditional welding machine as a result. Chinese inverter welding machine business rapidly in the global market stalls, two companies in Shenzhen showed rapid development, but at this time, Shanghai and Zhejiang, the old traditional welding machine business is still living in their own warm dream.

   In the year, I asked a sales executive of a Shanghai enterprise for a traditional welding machine manufacturer. "Why don't you sell the inverter welding machine immediately?" he replied, "a small inverter welding machine doesn't cost much. we sell one machine. They need to sell a tricycle size of inverter welding machines.

There is a saying in marketing: Any mistakes you make Ultimately your competitors will tell you.

    Although the business and sale amount of Shanghai's traditional welding machine enterprise are much larger than the inverter welding machine enterprise,but the trend is like a sword. Because of their despising, invisible, eventually leading to a gradual weakness in the market competition.Their sales channel which spent so many years to establish has been a great impact.

Outstanding visionary dealers have started to cooperated with the excellent inverter welding machine manufacturers where from shenzhen or other regions, they believed, to seize resources is to seize the market.

When the traditional welding enterprises found problems, although they have a very strong financial strength, because the enterprise itself has not accumulated and precipitated in inverter welding machine technology, the developed inverter welding machines are always immature and unstable. However, the big enterprises in this industry also have a common problem, that is, they look down upon others. They are thinking that I am not smaller than you, why to copy your products, I must invest a lot of money to develop products that are more advanced in technology and superior in performance than yours. Then sales men persuaded the distributors with such a word. The result is that distributors became victim, and impression that the enterprise left to the distributor is that you can only produce conventional welding machines.

I had a very profound experience on these things in those years.

These zigzag stories are also the biggest help to Shenzhen inverter welding enterprises in the high-speed development of the market.

So it's often their enemies who really help themselves the most.

                                                                           Author: Mr.Peter Zhu, President / CEO


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