“Strengthen and prosper homeland, you and I are responsible"Gubang Technology successfully held 2018 outdoor extension trip 

Write time:2019-01-10

          On the last day of 2018, after carefully prepared, Shenzhen Gubang Technology held the strengthen and prosper homeland, you and I are responsibleGubang Technology - theme outdoor extension trip. The trip is designed to educate cooperation culture, promote team communication, enhance teamwork, motivate teams to keep making progress, to challenge themselves, and to create an excellent enterprise team with power and fighting capacity.

All members of the company gathered together early in the morning to reach our destination- Shenzhen Nanao, our first stop is the Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula National Geological Park Museum, where we visited various types of rocks. Understood various strange stones formed by geological activities, watched simulation video, deeply understood the dangers of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

After visiting the museum, we arrived at the Nan Ma Ming Ma Xuan base to perform men's favorite game - live CS field match.

After enjoying the Nao'ao specialty farm food for lunch, we divided into four groups to start group building activities. Each group took a team name and slogan, and carried out interesting group building games such as catching water bottle, numbering off, shouting and clapping, constructing soft box, and swinging a rope.These games can practise division and cooperation ability of every single person in the team. It is a test of teamwork and innovation&creativity spirit. All the team members have done their best to cooperate. to follow command and act the same pace, Excellent training results are achieved in a short period of time. Through mutual communication and learning, everyone realizes the importance of mutual trust, teamwork and innovation, it is so important for improving work efficiency, for strengthening communication and coordination, and for improving execution force.

In the evening, we had a barbecue party. Everyone was eating barbecues and watching the company's evening party performance which are prepared by some colleagues. The company praised the outstanding employees in 2018, and the lucky -drawing activity was followed . Everyone are deeply fell in enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Through this Trip, not only the relationship of employees is enhanced, but more importantly, it enhanced the team's cohesiveness and expressed importance of team friendship and mutual help spirit, what's more, we gained happiness and strength which is useful in our future work.

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